Arcturain star seed! 


Arcturain star seed! 


About MotherWillow 

MotherWillow aka Melanie Brown

MotherWillow is a Arcturain starseed, visionary, intuitive, facilitator of healing, and channeler. Helping others on their path of enlightenment and exploring the paths of possibilities! 

Please read and explore all the pages about MotherWillow  so many different experiences and stories, is the only way you can understand how Melanie became MotherWillow 

Not everything is on this site, but a great deal of the metaphysical information about me is here. If after, you feel you would like my help to get you going on your next chapter of your life, please feel free to contact me. One of the first things people wonder is, how much money? Well I am not free, but I’m cheep, hehe ha ha… I believe everyone should have a chance to get the help they need and want no matter what their income is, so all I ask is a donation. What ever you decide is right. I trust in the universe. Still all good. However, for more regular sessions and more personal things, you can join my Patreon where I will be doing more things there.

I love sharing my gifts 

Knowledge is power! Sharing my knowledge and gifts is the way I empower others. I have a BA with the University of metaphysics and I’m also an ordained minister. As well as a Reiki Master, and have a vast knowledge of astrology. I love to zip up a natal chart for people and take a look at what they have going on. It’s like taking a look at what they packed to bring with them in this lifetime. Energy is a big player in this mix, that is one of my strongest attributes.  I read, use, shift and transmute energy.

Many people come to me not knowing what they want or need. I find lots of time all they need is an activation. It’s amazing, what happens after I have done a personal activation on them. Things open up, they start to move forward and even hidden gifts come popping out! I have had people sometimes even a month after the session, get in touch with me and say wow what happened? You just never know what we will tap into! 

Can’t come and visit in person? Yes I do, do sessions on line, however, it is difficult because my internet up here in the mountains it not so good, and I need to see people to read their lips. We are working on that.  

Once again, I never charge a fee for seeing me.  It’s a gift, and I want to keep it that way. However if a person wants to give me a gift in return that is ok, but not expected. 

Ask MotherWillow’s videos 

About Ask MotherWillow 

Ask MotherWillow is my YouTube. You can go to YouTube and just put Ask MotherWillow in the search and you can watch them. I have not made a new video in a while. I will resume my videos when I get a better set up. It’s been kind of hard with the equipment I have. Looking for a better way. Hope you enjoy them. I have put a few on here as a sample. If you have a topic you would like me to talk about, we’ll just Ask MotherWillow, I will be happy to do it!

Spiritual advisor 

Getting spiritual advise 

In today’s busy world no one has time to go see an advisor. That’s why I am on line! All my motivational, spiritual advice is done on line. No zoom, no cam, just messenger. Evenings, weekends, you name it. Sometimes we just need a boost! Feeling stuck? Let me help you! I go on donations. Unless you want more active interaction, you can join my Patreon. There we do sessions and live events.