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Dragonwood's Enchanded Forest 


Philosophy and ideology

Perception is everything!

Perception is everything, change your perception and you change everything!  I truly believe that! Changing people’s perception of what they think may be happening to them. So many times we get so deep into something that we need someone to help us to take a step back and look at it from another angle. 

This is just some fun things I got off the internet that really hit home with me. I hope you enjoy these and they inspire you!


I don’t know about you, but I was taught from very young that we need to seek validation and approval of others. This is old programming. Many humans including myself fell for this program. I have been on a long path of changing my programming. One of the first steps is to recognize that the program exists. Not always an easy task! So one of the things I started doing was to ask my highest self to help me in changing the program. Sometimes I wish we just had a delete button. Wouldn’t that be nice? Or would it? I’m not so sure. Anyway I had an experience, that made things very clear to me. I ask my highest self to help me to recognize my gift of Telepathy. Because I was getting many incoming information and not sure if I was receiving correctly. You don’t just look someone up and say your on my mind, are you thinking of me? Laughing out loud. Anyway one day my daughter and granddaughter was at the house, and we all could hear a scratching sound. My granddaughter went to go see what it was. As soon as she found it, I knew what it was. I turned to my daughter and said it’s the dog scratching for her bone! It’s stuck in the crack of the balcony. Sure enough that is what it was. It came to me like a memory dose. I have had this many times. However, most the time it’s a future event. 

This new energy that is coming into our planet is very powerful and strong. It is going to wake many up to their own gifts and talents. It’s good to ask the guidance of your highest self, or over soul, spirt guides, whatever works for you. 

Dragonwood's Enchanted Forest 

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