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Dragonwood's Enchanded Forest 


How it all got started

The first Whisper

My grandmother told me, at the age of three she knew the I was different. One summer night closes to midnight I got up out of bed and went to the front door. Motioning to my grandma that I wanted to go out. No no, it’s too late to go out and play. Grandma takes her back to bed. A few minutes later I came back to the front door. Banging on it and demanding to go out. Grandma becomes more stern this time, taking me back to bed with a bit of a spanking. Again I get back up and go to the front door banging on it even harder. Demanding that she had to go out. Seeing the determined look on my face, grandma knew this was not just a, I want to go out an play look. Grandpa said why don’t you let her go out and see what she wants? With a confused look, and the shrug of the shoulders, she opened the door to see where I would go. She saw me head right for the neighbors house, however the lights were on so she let her go. She banged on the door and the neighbor lady answered. I started to jabber in her own language. Barbara the neighbor lady listen to every word with great attention.  Grandma thought to herself how nice of her to appease such a small child in the middle of the night, that wanted to talk to her. As soon as I was done with what I had to say, I turned around and walked straight back to the house and got in her bed and went to sleep with no trouble or guidance from anyone. The neighbors lights went out, and All was quiet. Grandma figured I’ll talk to her tomorrow find out what that was all about.  The next day grandma went over to the neighbor to inquire about the midnight meeting. Barbara she asked, what in the world were you and my granddaughter doing last night in the middle of the night having a conversation. Barbara looked at her with question on her face, I have no idea what you’re talking about. Vondean, I went to bed early last night and slept all night long. No... said grandma, I saw you answer the door and she told you something big! You stood there and listen to every word she said. Barbara shook her Head in disbelief, and said sorry I was asleep all night long. Looking at my grandma like she was crazy.It was on that day she knew that something very different had happened she just didn’t know what it was. 

The second Whisper

I was only 5 at the time and I remember very clearly because I was so irritated that I got scolded for speaking out. One day a woman came to my grandmothers house. She was very pregnant, Huge, and I remember looking up at her and thinking oh what a beautiful baby is in there. I recall her complaining about how the baby would not come out and she was tired of waiting for this child to be born. All the sudden I blurted out, “ well she does not want to come out, because you and the daddy are fighting and screaming and yelling all the time and she is scared she does not want to come out.” My grandmother quickly shushed me and motioned me to go into the next room. The woman was very angry and upset and left like a storm. My grandmother scolded me and told me I should not talk like that to people.  Why? I asked, it’s true I said. Didn’t you hear her? I asked my grandma. No I did not hear anything she replied. And you should not make things up! But I’m not making it up, I heard her, I can hear her. Why can’t you? I said to her. I was so mad, so irritated, that she was treating me like this. I started to cry. My grandmother told me that she was sorry, however she does not here things like that. Well I do I replied to her. That was the start of many conversations between myself and my grandmother about what she can hear and what I can hear and the difference between the two of us. 

My grandmother was  a very open minded woman. Much more advanced spiritually then most people of her age and her time. 1955 was not exactly the age of metaphysical things. She was born in 1911, however had told me stories of some of her own strange encounters. So she understood to some extent what I was going through. She knew that I had a hearing problem totally deaf in one ear and not so good in the other. That made a speech impediment which made it hard for people to understand what I was saying in the first place. 

Those days was not the time for open mindedness and exploration of the metaphysical. My parents, was not equipped to handle a handicapped child little loan a child with gifts of the metaphysical type. The only thing the kept me out of an institution was my grandmother. 

A working whisper 

I was in my late teens working in the local cannery. I was tired and it was reaching the end of my shift. I had went to the bathroom to freshen up and see if I could rejuvenate myself to finish the shift. I took a few moments to sit down and just close my eyes. As a teenager I had gotten curious about the Ouija board. (Not a good idea) I feel that the Ouija board is an open door to negative energies. That being said, as I was resting with my eyes close I saw blood around this one coworker. I didn’t know what to do or what it even meant all I saw was blood and knew something bad was going to happen. I didn’t do anything I just kept it to myself. What was I to do walk up to the person and say hey I see blood all around you be careful? I had been denying my gifts because of school and programming, television, religion, and other types of programming. I was being convinced that this was all in my head and such silly things did not exist, however I was still curious. Anyway, later that shift, that coworker had got her hand caught in the machine and lost two fingers. I started having nightmares and knew that ouija board was not something I wanted to play around with so I gave it back to the person that loaned it to me and told them no thank you.

She who hears without ears. 

While I was with my tribe, they also called me “She who hears without ears” it was because of my intuitive abilities and I started to channel people’s spirit guides and angles. This became a very strong gift and one that I love the most. It is such an honor to be of service to others in that way.

Channeled picture
Channeled picture

The whisper of art

In my free time, I started to do some art. It started out just something to do while the winter snow came and it was my time to rejuvenate. I started to do pyrographic pictures. One time a lady contacted me about doing a picture for her, I did many things free hand. While I was doing a tree in the picture, I started channeling a message for her through the tree! It was awesome. That was the birth of many other pictures that I channeled. This picture shown was one that I did for a lady. People send me something that has their energy on it with a donation and I send them a picture with the object back.  Below are some of my other art pictures just for fun to see. 

Whisper of the weaver

Over the years I have been changing peoples lives in various ways. Talking, teaching, listening, healing, and creating. When I come in contact with people I start hearing a whisper of what they need before they even ask for it. Many times I will hear or feel the whisper before the person shows up. I will get the feeling or be pulled to start a project and my husband will say who are you making that for! I will reply, I don’t know, I just know when they get here they will need it. I started to weave, making baskets, making things, and then the person will show up. On line or in person. Many of my weavings have my hair in them, at first it was like oh no my hair in in it. Spirit whispers, yes! Leave it. It Is needed. It has your energy in it to help that person. Ahhh yes, I see now. We are always learning and my journey as a weaver of whispers has long been. I just didn’t fully understand it until recently. The picture you see of the star, I started, but didn’t know why, as I was working on it one lady kept coming into my mind, I was thinking maybe it was for her, just as I was finishing it, the lady passes away, and I hear the whisper give it to my daughter and tell her I love her. Oh yes I see now! What a wonderful thing. Yes she is a beautiful star now in the heavens. Bright and colorful. You see sometimes things don’t make sense until you get to the end. So if you are pulled to do something but it don’t make any sense at first, keep going, it will. 😊

Request a whisper. 

If you would like a personal whisper, you can reach me by email and we can talk about what you are in need of. I don’t charge, it’s all part of my service to spirit. However so feel they like to give a gift or donation later, and that’s ok but not what it’s all about. We are all one, we are all in this together so when I help others, I’m helping the whole and myself as well. It makes life on this planet more exciting! My email is 

Journey to the new earth, a message from the trees! 

I recently listened to this video by Brian Scott, My journey to the new earth, a message from the trees. It was like he was taking the same journey I took so many years ago. His video made me cry with joy that I was not the only one that could feel the trees like it do. It is such a wonderful message that I just have to whisper this to everyone! Once I can add videos to my site I will add the link. But you can just go to YouTube and put the title in the search. I hope one day he can come to my place and feel my trees! Lol 

A new whisper! From a friend! 

Just today! Wow what an exciting thing when someone crosses over to the other realms. A friend of mine was dying of cancer. She was a beautiful lady. I was not able to be by her side as we was too many miles apart. But her daughter was very kind to allow me to be there in spirit by sending me pictures and communicating with me on the Facebook messenger. The last days was very intense. As the end grew close I could feel it. I didn’t want to pester her with my nosing in on their family thing, but I felt pulled in by my friend who was passing. The last 24 hours was so intense, I was crying most that time. As I was meditating to help her cross over with ease. It was 3:00am and I could feel her slipping away. I messaged her daughter, asking how she was. She said she as comfortable and it could be anytime now. So I waited for the next message. As I was waiting I could feel her letting go. I decided to go to bed and get some sleep. It was about 4:30 by then. Just as I was getting comfortable and ready to sink into my sleep, in my head like a memory, I hear… weee! With excitement! So this is what it’s like to be dead! She was laughing! I felt her excitement! Her joy! And all her mix of emotions. Then she said remember that picture I sent you? And that picture popped into my head. Yes I still have it. Please send it to my daughter and tell her thank you! Tell her my love for her will never die! Do it right now! I said I will do it when she messages me your gone. No! If you wait, she will not believe you. Do it now! Get out of bed and go do it now! The pull was so strong! I thought, what if she is not gone and I look silly. Oh crap! got to do this, no matter how silly it is. So I got up and went out to my chair and got my tablet and looked for the picture. I found it and sent it with the message. It was 5am and I was hoping I didn’t disturb her. She saw the message and sent me back…. 4:45 …. Was the time she passed! Omg! How awesome! I could feel her daughter’s emotional release. I could feel my friend and her joy that her daughter got the message. For the next hour, I had a wonderful conversation with my friend. Then just as I was going back to bed, I could smell coffee. You know that smell when you first open a new can of fresh ground coffee? Yeah, that smell… I said is that you? She said yeah that my small, when ever you smell that, you will know, I’m here. Please tell my daughter that one too when she is ready. Yes indeed my friend, I sure will! 

Things that happen and views I see

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