Ask MotherWillow 

Who is MotherWillow?

Years of achievement 

MotherWillow is an intuitive spiritual life coach and reader. Reiki Master, and energy worker. Facilitator of healing. Ordained minister, and Earth steward. 

She has her Bachelor degree, with the University of Metaphysics of Sadona and acquired her Master psychic with the Esoteric University. 
Born partially deaf at birth her skills of intuition and communicating with other dimensions came at an early age. She has insight and inspiration to bring to the world. 

Using her knowledge of the law of attraction to help others with becoming and staying in alignment with source energy and their own divine being. MotherWillow delights in helping people to see the opportunities that bring them to new realizations to changing their own perceptions. 

How it works

As a intuitive spiritual life coach she will help you to gain confidence in yourself, love yourself, and learn how to fill your own cup before you help others. 


MotherWillow dose not charge a fee for helping people. However a donation is asked to keep the energy flowing.