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Dragonwood’s Sacred Space

6 Dec 2019

Dragonwood’s Sacred Space 

Our place is called Dragonwood’s Sacred Space. It is a beautiful 11.5 acres in the mountains of Washington state. It’s a work in progress and we are developing it as a healing, learning, and enlightenment center. That main house is almost finished with the remodeling and we are starting this spring on landscaping. Along with the landscaping we want to add a trailer as a guest cabin. This is for people who want to come and stay and visit with MotherWillow for a few days. 

There is great benefits to seeing her in person. While she dose wonderful work on line, her personal touch and one on one counseling is such a delight. We keep things at no set fee and we go on donation only, this is so those who are not vibrationally up to speed yet with their finances, can contribute what they can while they are in their transitional place. Most once they have benefited from their experience with MotherWillow, their life changes so much for the better, become regular supporting people. This helps to spread the wonderful loving energy to all that is in need, and desire to transform their own lives. 

We have started a “ go fund me” account to raise money for a trailer to add to the center for people to visit. We will be working to add that attachment to this site. 
7 Dec 2019

Birds eye view

This is the birds eye view of Dragonwood’s Sacred Space. Can you see the dragon? As you can see there is lots of work to do here. We are just getting started and looking forward to sharing more with you. You can also fallow us on Facebook!