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Testimonials From those who have experienced MotherWillow and Dragonwood’s Sacred Space

7 Dec 2019

Testimonials and comments 

If you have something that you would like to say about your experience with MotherWillow and or Dragonwood’s Sacred Space, please feel free to do it here! We would love to have your feedback and I am sure others would like to know as well. 
Sharon Schimmel
I met this amazing woman in the late Spring, 2019, when I relocated from Kentucky to Washington state. She quickly has become a very trusted, close friend that I feel I have known my whole life, and most likely other lifetimes. This Star enhanced Healer is beyond the real deal, and what she came into this world with, her partial deafness, has only amplified her gifts of healing, connecting in with Source and the Vortex, connecting in with the Star Mothers. Her healing is so unique and pure where she uses sound light frequencies and adapts it with exactly what the person needs. She has the ability to connect in with each of our personal group of guides, guardians and Light Beings that work with us, without overstepping our boundaries and is able to enhance the working needed for each individual, because each one of us are unique. She has such a zest for life and is always positive and upbeat, which is healing all in itself and I look forward to watching even more gifts and abilities open up as we evolve up to 5th Dimension and beyond. She is already there, but can work through the multitude of dimensions as she herself is discovering ever more healing gifts she has been given. Remarkable Woman, healer, trusted friend!
Betty Klein
Mother Willow really helped me with chakra balancing and reminding me to stay in touch with my inner child. Her cbd oil gave me so much relief from my arthritic hands. I use it daily.
Linda Klassen
Mother Willow is a catalyst to help you open your own doorways for personal healing and feeling your own worth and personal power. I love her non judgemental, nurturing and fun loving spirit..
Felisha Davidson
I love how MotherWillow helps me with seeing the more positive side of things! Thank you MotherWillow!