Ask MotherWillow 

Classes and Retreats

MotherWillow will be doing many different kinds of classes. This page is a work in progress and the list of classes and Retreats will be up after the new year. But just to give you a bit of an idea what she will be offering, see the list below. I also added a comment box on this page as well so if there is something you would like to see or looking for you can put it in the comments box. But if you want to ask more personally, you can reach her at 

Understanding Astrology 
The Art of communication 
Exploring Meditation 
Spiritual Dancing
Tones, vibration, and healing!
How to connect with your inner being.

As we get closer to spring, I will be adding more details about the classes and then posting the times to when those classes will be offered. Check below! 

Understanding astrology 

This class is a basic class to understanding your natal chart and how to read it. Also understanding how to look and see family members and how they will interact with each other. Astrology is a wonderful tool to helping you to understand what you came in with and how to use it. In a fun and creative way to seeing and understanding yourself and those you love. There is a website that is free where you can get your natal chart and many goodies there to help you venture into the world of astrology, I highly recommend this site.  

Exploring Meditation 

There are so many different ways to meditate! So many different things to explore! So many different ways to do it! Really! You can’t get it wrong! But sometimes it’s nice to get guidance on some different and creative ways that MotherWillow has been taught by the star mothers.